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We take care of the financing and fleet management plus offer guaranteed residual value, servicing, repairs and tyres. You get complete control over your company’s car costs through a beneficial TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), no matter what make of car you have.

Operational leasing covers financing, administration and management of your company fleet. We guarantee the residual value of your vehicles, as well as the costs of servicing and repairs. For customers, this means the complete outsourcing of your fleet with cost guarantees in place. One advantage of leasing is that you don’t have to tie up any capital. There is also a positive effect on VAT for VAT registered businesses.

Only those responsible for managing a fleet know how much effort is required just to get everything to work. We can take care of all those resource-intensive procedures on your behalf, reducing both your paperwork and your car-related costs. Our car administration process covers everything related to your fleet management on two different levels – the "main rule" or the "supplementary rule" as according to the Swedish taxation model. No matter which level you choose, we’ll carry out all the admin for fuel purchases.

We manage all costs relating to your cars such as:

  • fuel
  • insurance, servicing and repairs
  • replacement cars
  • leasing fees and car tax
  • parking fine reminders
  • inspections
  • car orders
  • price checks against signed framework agreements
  • calculation of salary deductions, preparation of car cost calculations
  • monthly reports on changes to the driver’s benefit value
  • contact with drivers on all car-related matters

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