Manage all of your car orders in one place

Easily manage all of your car orders using our Car Ordering tool. Check offers and benefit values and confirm orders directly in the tool. Use the car ordering function to make changes to the cost centre, car driver and other details, or to return a car once the leasing period has come to an end.

CarPay Fleet Manager

Keep track of all costs

CarPay Fleet Manager is a statistics and analysis tool that gives you an overview of almost everything relating to your fleet. You can keep track of costs – for the entire fleet, per cost centre, per cost type, per car or per driver – and export reports to Excel.

The system includes a register for your entire fleet which shows driver details, leasing period, car information, insurance company, benefit value and lots more.


Find the car that best suits you

Drivers can use our internet-based tool to find the car that best meets their needs within the framework of your company’s car policy. Drivers who are entitled to a benefit car or salary sacrifice cars can use the tool to easily compare different brands and models across all price categories, as well as calculating their monthly cost, whether your car policy is based on the purchase price or an accepted monthly rate (TCO model).