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Rental car if your regular car cannot be used

If your employer has contracted rental car insurance, the associated insurance company must be contacted to approve and tell which car rental company you should contact. Please note that you cannot use rental car insurance for regular service and repairs or warranty commitments/repairs from the respective manufacturer.

Any additional insurances and fuel are not compensated by the rental car insurance. If there is no valid rental car insurance, it is your employer who decides if you have the right to take out a replacement car. In that case, you will have to contact a rental car supplier to book a rental car.

The cost will then be invoiced to us and we will charge your employer in turn. If your car is insured with Volvia and you have suffered an injury that is reimbursed through the insurance and a rental car supplement exists, Volvia replaces 75 percent of the total daily and kilometre cost, but not additional insurance and fuel. Compensation is given during effective repair time. Volvia's partner car rental company is Hertz.

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